Dad’s New Tattoo

Dear Hope,

Yesterday was a rough day. I have to get the chicken pox shot because they told me when I was pregnant with you that I wasn’t immune to it. So I scheduled it for October 26th (your due date). While doing research, I saw that we need to wait a month before trying to conceive. So I called my high risk doctor (to confirm) and they said to call my regular obgyn doctor. So when I called them, they said I needed to call my primary doctor to see. Then I called my primary and they suggested I call my insurance to find out if I would be covered. Now, you would think I would stop there because I need the shot regardless. It doesn’t matter if insurance covers it or not. However, I wasn’t thinking clearly because I was making so many phone calls. So I called the insurance company and they said I would need the procedure code the doctor would bill as. After that, I finally realized it didn’t matter. It only took four phone calls later. When I go in I am going to ask how long the shot is in my system and when they think I can try. I saw anywhere from one to three months.

If we have to wait three months, that will be devastating. My doctor said to wait a couple cycles before trying again. That meant we could try in November. Now with getting the shot, we may have to wait until December or maybe even January. In a way, I am happy because it will give me more time to heal. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 am to work out. I still have 15 lbs to loose. Well I don’t need to but sometimes I don’t feel comfortable in my skin. I only have four pairs of pants that fit me so I wear the same outfits to work every week. When I look at myself, I am reminded you are not there.At the same time, I know me and your Dad want to try as soon as we can. It just hurts.

On a different note, your Dad’s tattoo is almost finished. If you remember, we were going to decorate your room with cherry blossoms. He already has a tattoo on his arm of a cross. Along with the cross is the birth and passing away dates of his brother and grandfather. He had the artist put the cherry blossoms around the cross. On Saturday, he finished most of the tattoo up with your name in the inside of his arm. It may look crooked in the picture but it is how you look at it. It’s straight, I promise. I hope you like it too.


Before tattooThe before shot

middle tattooThe tattoo with cherry blossoms

finished tattooInside of Dad’s arm with your name

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