Your Due Date

Dear Hope,

Well the day is here, your due date. I kept busy today. I took off work but had a doctors appointment and then ran errands. I ended the night with going out to eat with your grandparents. Your dad had to work overtime so we didn’t spend the day together. We did celebrate yesterday. I am not sure celebrate is the word but we acknowledged what today is yesterday, together. We got you another balloon and we each wrote on it. Dad was able to be strong and write on this one. He had a hard time when we had the balloon for Remembrance day. We wrote that we love you and will always be in our hearts. Dad even said should include your brothers and sisters so we signed the names your fur siblings. Afterwards I was sad I didn’t take a picture of the balloon but we aren’t perfect.

We also shared a cupcake. Dad said he wasn’t hungry for it but he ate most of it. It was a nice time together. I wish you were here but I know you are in spirit.

I am very thankful for your dad. He tries to look at what happened positively. I know this isn’t a situation we ever wanted to be in but perhaps there is a bigger reason. Dad thinks this may happen to someone we know later down the road and I am going to be able to help them. While we don’t wish this on ANYONE, it happens and will continue to happen in the future. I think he thinks this because we met a lady when we were in Florida. She had lost a child too. At the time, we didn’t think anything of it. Now that this has happened, we were able to reach out to her and lean on her. She was a complete stranger and now she is a great resource. Perhaps, we can be that for someone one day.

I want to help people. Maybe this was my calling. I always thought I was just getting by in life. I wasn’t make a difference. Maybe this is how I can make a difference. If I can help someone like people have helped me, that is enough for me.

I hope you know how much we miss you.


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