Why I Started

On July 30, 2015, as expecting parents, my husband and I heard the worse news of our lives, our baby’s heart stop beating. Up until this day, we had the perfect pregnancy. It was our first, I never had morning sickness, she often kicked, she was perfect. On August 1st, we delivered our baby girl.

I am starting this blog for many reasons. The first reason is to document this forever journey we will have. The second is to help with the grieving process. Perhaps if I write down my thoughts (or others if they want to) then maybe it will make it easier to realize my daughter is gone. As for the third reason, maybe this blog will help someone else who lost a child. Reading blogs helped me realize there are others out there who went through this and it’s not that uncommon.

Each entry begins with “Dear Hope” because I am writing to my daughter, Hope Elizabeth. While I always write to her, in a way, my messages are also to “hope” in general. Hope that one day this pain will become less and I can remember the good times instead of reflecting on the heartache.